Prayer for Grace

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Mattaniah Christian Male Choir o.l.v. Herman den Hollander. M.m.v. Joyce Postmus, piano; Scott Harrisson & Philip Seguin, trompet; Arie de Haan, tenor & Andre Knevel, orgel.

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1 Prayer for Grace
2 God of our Fathers
3 Lord, like the publican I stand
4 Bartimaeus
5 In Thee, o Lord, I put my trust (Ps. 31)
6 Thine is the glory
7 Thou Creator of the stars
8 I am a pilgrim here on earth
9 With all my heart will I record (Ps. 138)
10 How deep the Father’s love
11 O God, we have heard
12 My soul was glad when unto me (Ps. 122)
13 The love of God
14 Has your passport been signed
15 Neath the old Olive trees
16 Sinfonia
17 Thy lovingkindness, Lord, is good and free (Ps. 69)
18 There are no limits

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